Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tiny Tigers Taekwondo

Bolt - Side kick - feb 2013

After months of consideration and much discussion, we enrolled Bolt in Taekwondo last November.  We felt that he could benefit from the structure and discipline and we felt it would be a good way to funnel some of his boisterous, though sometimes aggressive, energy.  The decision was made easier by the fact that his older cousins, as well as his Aunt and Uncle attend Taekwondo at the Richmond Black Belt Academy.

Bolt - Front kick - feb 2013

As we expected, the first few weeks were tough; Bolt didn't understand the expectations, rules or even how long the classes would take. He seemed to enjoy himself in class, but when we asked him about it, he would say that he didn't want to go. With his cousin's and Aunty's help, he has really come to enjoy Taekwondo and his ability to retain the moves, follow instructions and partake is far beyond what I would have expected.

Tiny Tigers is an internationally recognized program for preschool aged children from 3 to 6 years old; as long as your child is able to generally pay attention and follow some instructions they are welcome to join Tiny Tigers.

And seriously is there anything cuter than 4 year olds doing Taekwondo in unison?
Tiny Tigers Kicks - feb 2013
These photos are from a few weeks ago when the Tiny Tigers earned their orange half belt.
Tiny Tigers Forms - feb 2013

Interested in trying Tiny Tigers Taekwondo? Contact the Richmond Black Belt Academy and let them know that Amber sent you, and they will be happy to have you attend a few classes to try the program out and see if its a fit for your family.

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