Sunday, February 10, 2013

Introducing, My Family

I'm not a particularly imaginative individual; even as a child I wasn't very good at make-believe. Rather than swaddling, rocking and caring for my babies, I would simply strip them of their clothes before deserting them in some random corner. All things considered, I guess it shouldn't be surprising, that when I started The Momma Stuff Blog, I didn't take the time to find pseudonyms that were clever, cute and fitting for the important people in my life.

Unfortunately, by the time our second son arrived his nickname was, by default, simply the baby. Given that he will be two years old in only a couple months it simply seems inappropriate to continue calling him a baby, even though he will of course, always be my baby.

I have spent literally months, trying to come up with nicknames that suit my boys' personalities, but in the end I needed to look no further than my movie cabinet.

BOLT, formerly known as 'the boy', is my oldest son.

Born in 2009 on St. Patrick's Day and these days he is a full blown preschooler. Just like his Disney namesake he is loving, strong, loyal, proud and feisty. In many ways he thinks he's invincible and yet at the same time he is incredibly sensitive.

SIMBA, formerly known as 'the baby' is my youngest son.

Born April 24th 2011, my littlest man is a rambunctious walking, talking little ball of energy, that loves and trusts easily and doles out hugs and kisses like their going out of style.  Plus his very first animal sound was a lions' roar and that precious sound will forever be ingrained in my heart.

THE HUBS, isn't particularly in need of a new nickname, in fact, I'm quite fond of his.

The Hubs and I first met in the Spring of 2001, when some girlfriends and I joined a mixed orthodox softball team, he played shortstop and I was playing third base. We began dating that July and except for a month-long breakup when I moved away to attend University we've been together every since.  We were married on September 2nd, 2006 and in 2008 we decided it was time for our family to include the pitter patter of little feet.

AMBER,.is my name and I feel no need to use a nickname on the blog.  In addition to being a full-time Mom, I work full-time for the Province of BC in Environmental Services. I love to bake and cook (always gluten-free), though I absolutely hate cleaning and organizing. For some reason, I have a particularly strong dislike for vacuuming.

I hope that these introductions have helped you feel just a little bit more connected to our family; I look forward to sharing our journey with each and every one of you.