Monday, November 5, 2012

Foods for Healing | Program Introduction, Giveaway & Coupon Code

I'm a firm believer that food affects our well being; its just common sense, what goes into our bodies must affect how they function. Perhaps its the biologist in me, but as of yet, I have found no argument that can convince me otherwise. My recent experience with Meghan Telpner's Fab Detox only proved my point, in addition to feeling better both emotionally and physically, my experience also brought some insight into my eczema.

Up until recently I was certain that my eczema flare ups were due to the food I ate as well as the hormone fluctuations and changes my body underwent as a result of my pregnancies. I honestly expected that within a few weeks of starting the Fab Detox, I would see a dramatic improvement in my skin. The truth is, I didn't see any change over the course of the cleanse, which led me to realize that food cannot possibly be the primary contributor to my condition.

One month, tonnes of smoothies and oodles of superfoods later, my skin is clearer than its been in months, years even. I'm fairly certain its due to my new daily regimen of superfood smoothies, which always contain omega 3 rich hemp hearts and delicious antioxidant rich raw cacao powder.

I've spent so much time taking 'bad foods' out of my diet, that I forgot how many benefits there are to adding 'good foods' back into my diet. This is precisely why I'm so excited to share Meghan Telpner's brand new online course FOODS FOR HEALING with you.

'Foods for Healing' program registration
opens on November 9th 

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Whether you suffer from pain, digestive trouble, headaches, fatigue or just about any other ailment, food can help you and Meghan will help you understand how.  Meghan's Food for Healing Course includes:
  • Over two hours of lecture style teaching with images, diagrams, and incredibly easy to follow explanations.
  • Accompanying handouts of the slides to follow along and take notes.
  • Additional documentation offering detailed information on specific healing protocols.
  • 8 cooking demonstration videos showing how you can put what I share in the lecture, into practice in your kitchen and in everyday eating.
  • A full 7 day meal plan + over 30 recipes.
  • A full transition plan to help ease your way into a foods for healing mind set.
  • Options to upgrade and get consultations and amazing kitchen equipment.
  • Completely secure access to all your course materials.
  • Flexibility to watch the videos and download the print materials at your convenience.
  • Lifetime access to the course materials.
The 'Foods for Healing' program is broken down into 9 modules:
  • Module 1: My story and how I healed.
  • Module 2: Understanding the root of inflammation, food as medicine.
  • Module 3: The role of the digestive system in total health, managing stress and it’s impact
  • Module 4: Making the connection with food, conscious eating, assessing common dietary recommendations.
  • Module 5: General guidelines for eating for health and healing, the universal approach to health.
  • Module 6: Specific therapeutic foods for healing, dietary recommendations for the three stages of healing, specific nutrients for healing.
  • Module 7: Lifestyle habits and natural solutions.
  • Module 8: Healing beverages, therapeutics foods in practice, cooking demos
  • Module 9: Healing meals, therapeutic foods in practice, cooking demos
  • Tools: Meal plan, recipes, transition guideline.
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