Thursday, November 8, 2012

an update on my big boy

Having a child will turn you into a liar; its not something people tell you about parenthood, but its true.

Regardless whether you tell someone your child never cries, barely eats or always sleeps, you can be certain that he will do the exact opposite when you least expect it.
My boys
Case and point, just a week and a half after soul searching and admitting on MSB that my son has aggressive tendencies we started to see a shift in the boys behaviour. I suspect a defining moment was when he met my friends' 4 week old baby and we explained that his 18 month old brother wasn't a baby anymore.

These days he cries less, hits less, occasionally gives his brother hugs and engages in conversations with a newfound level of understanding that's absolutely adorable.

I'm just enjoying him so much; I love him to pieces.