Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Green Wall using a Pallet and Landscape Fabric

DIY Pallet Garden
I've always wanted a green wall in my home and now I have this gorgeous garden propped up against my west facing chimney. We followed this awesome pallet garden tutorial, and although it was a little bit time consuming, it was actually pretty easy to make.

To make our skid garden, as the hubs likes to call it, we got the best looking pallet the hubs could find and stapled like crazy to attach landscape fabric to the back and sides.  Then we laid it down and filled it with almost 5 bags of topsoil.  We packed the plants in quite tightly, about 8 plants per row.

We watered it like crazy and left the pallet flat to give the plants a chance to get established in the soil.  After about two weeks we very carefully stood the pallet up and leaned it against the wall before attaching it with a metal hinge.

After that, all that's left to do is water, water, water and let mother nature do the rest!

Isn't it lovely?