Saturday, July 28, 2012

A little treat, Chapman's Sorbet | lactose free, gluten-free, peanut-nut free

sorbet label
The hubs and the boy went camping today and they probably won't be home until Tuesday, possibly Wednesday. Although I will miss my big boys, I'm super excited to have four days of one on one time (minus working of course) with my littlest man.

Now that I have him on his own, I'm trying to find special little moments that we can share, but it seems that even ordinary activities are a completely new experience when its just the baby.

I've been craving ice cream lately, so I was super excited to discover that Chapman's Sorbet can meet my entire family's allergy needs. I read the label over three times before I realized that the front label stated that it is lactose free, gluten free and peanut-nut free. Amazing, an allergen-friendly product that I can buy at my regular grocery store and at $7.50 for a 2L the price is comparable to ice cream.

sorbet front Orange is not my favourite flavour and apparently I'm not the only one; there was exactly zero of the neopolatin flavour and an entire row of the orange. I obviously bought it anyway, the texture is great and it tastes delicious.

Seriously, I'm on my third (little) bowl since I bought it this afternoon. The baby wasn't exactly sure what he thought of it, but I sure had fun watching him test it out.

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