Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wish List

Apparently its November 13.  Its almost December and I feel like the last two weeks were literally a blur.  We had Halloween, the boy had a hearing test and a consultation with a specialist, the baby had his 6 month shots, cut a tooth and had a cold.  Add on two mornings of preschool for the boy and time has been scarce.

Christmas is in a month and a half and my family has been asking for a Wish List since the beginning of the month.  What I really really want is one big item, a new laptop, but if that`s not the case, I`d like to have a few of these under the tree this year.
  • A new laptop, nothing too fancy, but something that I can use for blogging and has the capacity to run Lightroom for my photos.
  • A remote timer for Nikon D3000, they are under $5 on ebay, I haven`t priced them out in store, but I can`t imagine they are that cheap.
  • Soft leather gloves to keep my hands warm and my eczema under control.  Size L.
  • A nice pair of Slippers, I usually buy my Mom and Mother in law real sheepskin slippers at Costco for about $30, I`d love a pair of those.  Size 9.
  • Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasionmy sister got me a sample and its great.
  • Body Shop Mango Body Butter we used it as children and although its consistency has changed since then, I still love it.  Plus it works great for the boy and his sensitive skin.
  • A new set of measuring spoons, not the kind on a ring, I want to be able to use one spoon at a time.
  • Gevalia Decaf Espresso, Maxwell House Decaf or Gevalia Dark Roast T-Discs for my Tassimo Machine, mmm homemade Americano`s here I come.  I`m not sure if you can get the decaf espresso in store (I`ve never seen it), but its free shipping right now when purchased online!
And a few big ticket items; definitely more wish than a list.
  • Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush, we tried them at Blissdom Canada and they were amazing. 
  • A large purse style camera bag, love the Epiphanie Ginger but its a pretty big ticket item that I would never expect.
  • A Kindle e-reader would be amazing, we bought both my mom and my mother-in-law one this year, so there`s lots of book lending potential, plus I hear that we may be able to borrow ebooks from the library soon!
I feel like there`s so much more that I want, but at this moment its all that I can think of.  I may add more items as I think of them.  What are you asking for this year?