Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful for Family

Today, I am thankful for my husband's family, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. They have offered to watch the boy once a week and today is the first day.  A day I can spend devoted entirely to my little baby boy, a day I can give him my full attention, a day all about him.  The boy had me to himself for my entire year of maternity leave and the baby boy has had only a few short days one on one with momma.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and a friend is posting a daily 'thankful' on her facebook; I'm hoping to follow her lead.

This break from my reality as a momma of two couldn't come at a better time; I'm exhausted and feeling like I'm starting to unravel a bit at the edges.  I've been working like crazy on my Blissdom Canada costume (which is now complete), my mom, who is always available to help me out on a rough day, is on a well deserved two week vacation, the baby boy is teething and we just discovered the boy has asthma.

This discovery unfortunately came when I was home alone with my boys, the hubs went on a fishing trip last weekend and the boy caught a cold, neither child slept through the nights and on Saturday night I was overwhelmed by crying babies that both needed my attention at the same time.  Around the same time the boy started physically pushing air out with each breath and his little stomach was jumping dramatically.  By six thirty in the morning, I had called my mother-in-law to watch the baby and I whisked him off to the hospital.  More thanks to my mother-in-law are clearly in order here.

Although they can't technically diagnose him with Asthma until he can complete a breath test, the symptoms, the response to ventalin, the family history and the fact that he has both a nut allergy and eczema all point to a diagnosis of Asthma.

My doctor described the relationship of eczema, asthma and nut allergies as a trilogy and the hospital doctor explained it had to do with the physiology, the way the body responds to irritants.  Either way, I'm sad for the boy that we have to add yet another ailment to his list, but at the same time I know that its both relativley minor and completely manageable.

Anyone else have a child afflicted by this 'trilogy'?