Friday, September 9, 2011

Closet Purge

I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit of a slob; I don't live in filth, but left to my own devices I tend to revert to a (somewhat) organized mess. Although this is not one of my best traits, and far from the hubs favourite, I've always been up front and honest about my messiness. When we first started dating, I never pretended I was neat, when we first moved in together I never pretended that I was going to keep the clean and tidy, and it certainly wasn't part of our wedding vows, so I feel only a small amount of guilt about my general lack of domesticity in the cleaning department.

All that being said, its one thing to admit my ability to tune out clutter, but its a whole other thing to show you the breadth of my messiness.  There is only one small space in our home that is uniquely mine; the walk through closet, and for months, this is what it's looked like.
YES, the pile of (clean) clothes on top of my dresser far surpasses the height of my sister.

YES, my bras and underwear are literally oozing out of my dresser drawer.

YES, the whole dresser is likely a safety hazard for my two and a half year old.

The need to clean and purge is obvious, however the drive and organization to do so were sorely lacking, but with a lot of prodding, help and bribery (in the form of Popsicles and gluten-free cake) from my sister, we managed to remove five garbage bags of clothes that were too small, misshapen, stained or just plain ugly from my wardrobe.  I mean seriously, did I really need to keep knee high Eyeore socks in my drawer for years, just because someone gave them to me?

This much needed effort left me with a very small pile of clothes that fit me and an empty wardrobe closet.  Fortunately the hubs was so satisfied by my efforts that I was rewarded with a shopping trip to round out my wardrobe. 

I admit that I'm scared that I won't be able to keep this up and that in time my beautiful looking closet will slowly turn back into a big unorganized mess, but hopefully with a little willpower and continual help from my sister, my closet will continue to look a little bit more like this.
Are you super organized, or not so much?  Either way, what are your tricks and tips for keeping your closet under control?
My apologies for my lack of online presence over the past week, I am having some network issues with my internet service provider and my modem keeps dropping the line (apparently close to 100x before 10am).  I'm hoping to have the issue resolved soon.

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