Friday, September 2, 2011

NaturzAire Baby - All Natural Deodorizer | Review & Giveaway

 Whenever I tell someone that I use diaper service with my boys, they inevitably ask about the smell and I truly believe that with proper cleaning and maintenance, your diaper pail can keep smells 'locked in'.  That being said, when you pop the lid open to drop a new diaper in, the smell isn't all that pleasant, particularly at the end of the week.

Being the 'greenie' that I am, I hate most air fresheners; on principle infusing the air with chemicals to mask an unpleasant odour just seems wrong to me.  So when I was offered the opportunity to try out NaturzAire Baby, a natural alternative that attracts and traps odours I jumped on the opportunity.

NaturzAire is made of volcanic material that is completely reusable, recharegable and contained within a small organic cotton pouch.

And it works.

When I placed the small pouch on top of my diaper bin, there was a noticeable decrease in odour, the only trouble I've had is finding a way to secure it to the diaper bin, so the boy doesn't pick it up and toss it around the room.  Currently, duct tape is doing the job; however I caution you, don't duct tape it on the inside of the lid or you may end up wading through dirty diapers to find it like I did. 

How it works, scientifically speaking, is actually quite simple.  Odours have a positive charge and are attracted to the negative charge in the NaturzAire granules, which are able to trap the odours inside millions of tiny cavities.  After a few months, you simply need to leave your NaturzAire pouch in the sun for a day or microwave it on medium heat for 5 minutes to release all the trapped odours and moisture.

Want to try out NaturzAire for yourself?  We're giving away a NaturzAire Baby deodorizer to one Momma Stuff Blog Reader; check out the Rafflecopter after the jump to enter.