Friday, July 8, 2011

Glasses CAN be an accessory

When I was a little girl, I secretly wanted to wear glasses; I was sure they would make me seem more mature and sophisticated.  I was eleven when glasses became my reality, I still remember my first pair of frames, they were black with purple splatter and one of the lenses perpetually fell out.

It was when I was crawling on the floor searching for the tiny screw of those glasses that I realized that although my idealistic self thought that eyeglasses were the ultimate accessory, in actuality they were more of a necessity.  As I've aged, my prescription has continued to increase, in fact just today I was telling the boy 'no touching Mommy's glasses, she needs them to see!'

One of the worst things about my declining eyesight is that the stronger my prescription gets, the more expensive my glasses become to purchase.  As such, my childhood dreams of eye glasses as an accessory seemed fleeting; I have never been able to afford more than one pair of glasses at a time, which means that my glasses simply couldn't be classified as an accessory.

I should have known that the internet would come to the rescue, sites such as make it possible for anyone to purchase fashionable glasses at a great price, which means that having multiple sets of glasses isn't just for the rich and famous anymore.  No longer must we wear the same pair of glasses to a cocktail party as we wear every day at the office.

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