Saturday, July 9, 2011

BARE Air-Free Bottles

I've recently noticed that if I am at the checkout, be it the grocery store or Toys R Us, and I am asked to donate to a cause I am far more likely to donate a dollar or two than I am under any other circumstance.  If the cause is for children, women or mothers in need, I'm even more likely to contribute.  For some reason it seems so much easier to add a couple dollars onto an existing expense; it's likely the two dollars I donated was saved by an item I bought on sale anyways right?  Interesting the justifications our minds think up.

I started thinking about this after learning about the BARE Air-Free Bottle; this mom-designed bottle is made to truly prevent the ingestion of air, mimic the mother's breast, prevent bacteria and simplify cleaning.  In order for BARE to become a reality, Mom inventor Priska Diaz is seeking sponsorship from everyday people, mom's like us, via a unique site called Kick Starter.  Pledges as low as $1 are being accepted and everyone who contributes will receive recognition on the BARE website.  Although you can't pledge BARE at your grocery check-out, it is super easy to use your credit card via amazon payments.

So what makes BARE so unique?

Although many bottles claim to be inspired by mother's breast, BARE takes it a step farther, allowing the milk flow to be determined entirely by babies suckling, this also means there's no need for different nipples as baby grows.  A BARE bottle will provide more milk to baby when he is ready and when baby sucks, the nipple stretches just like mom's.  I'm also amazed by the innovation of the air-plug; it works just like a syringe allowing you to effectively push all the air out of the bottle before baby's lips ever reach the nipple.  BARE air-free bottles are dishwasher safe, designed to minimize backwash and promote self-feeding as your child grows.

We are already on our third variety of bottle with the baby boy, as he is prone to very bad and uncomfortable gas, with all these great features I only wish that BARE  was available in stores now, I'd definitely try them out.  Find out more about BARE air-free bottles and  consider contributing a loonie or two to a mompreneur with a product that has the potential to effect many. 

This post is sponsored by BARE air-free bottles, however all opinions are my own.