Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maude Baby Cloth Diapers | Review

It's no secret I'm a cloth diapering momma; we however have opted to use a cloth diaper service rather than washing our own.  This was in large part simply a compromise to the diaper debate that both my husband and I could agree on.  That being said, I have often wondered about the ease of cloth diapering in the traditional way.  I've wondered about the time spent rinsing, washing and potentially stuffing diapers and whether it truly is more economical when you factor in laundry costs and time.

I still can't answer most of those questions, however when presented me with a chance to try out a new Maude Baby cloth diaper, I couldn't resist.

Maude Baby pocket diapers fit children sized six to thirty-six pounds and include both a number of snaps and adjustable leg gussets to ensure an effective fit regardless of your childs size.  The adjustable gussets work much like the elastic in the back of childrens pants; adjustable buttons along an elastic.  I was worried that the button might come unhinged during washing, but I need not have worried, the diaper emerged completely intact and ready to wear.

At close to 36 pounds, Maude Baby diapers were snug on the boy, but they left no marks on his skin and he seemed extremely comfortable with their plush softness next to his skin.  I decided to put Maude Baby diapers to the  test right off the bat and stuffed both inserts into the diaper and put the boy to bed.  Keeping in mind that no disposable can handle the boys nighttime wetness and these days even our cloth diapers have been having trouble, the Maude Baby diapers were on par with our diaper service and definitely surpassed disposables with regard to wetness control.

Although cloth diapers often make baby bums look big, I personally find cloth diapers absolutley adorable and irresistible.  Maude Baby diapers are no exception, they aren't overly bulky and they come in four vibrant colours, Biscayne, Chili, Bubblegum and Lemon Lime.

Maude Baby diapers wash up beautifully, even after a pretty potent toddler poop; if I was going to consider buying and washing my own cloth diapers, Maude Baby cloth diapers would definitley make the list.  Maude Baby diapers are availabe on the Maude Baby Website; the price for a single diaper is $27.50 but the price drops to close to $16 per diaper when you buy the 8-pack combo.