Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's not always easy being a momma to two

No matter how many books you read or mom's you talk to, I don't believe that its possible to truly comprehend the exhaustion and sleep deprivation that a newborn entails. Similarly, despite a 'been there, done that' attitude, nothing can truly prepare you for the challenges of having an infant and another child at home.
baby toes
I admit it, before the baby boy arrived, I didn't give mothers of two near enough credit. I know that in the long run, having two little boys 25 months apart is going to be fantastic, but for now, its extra-exhausting.

With one, you can go back to bed after an early morning feed.
With one, you can nap when the baby naps.
With one, you can shower when the baby naps or you can just plop them in their bed and let them cry for 10 minutes.
With one, you can watch oodles of tv while nursing the baby.

With two, not so much.

It's rare for the baby boy to sleep within the boys two hour nap so I rarely have any time of my own to sleep, shower, blog, bake, sew or anything else that may possibly recharge my batteries, just a little bit.

I'm not complaining, this exhaustion and steep learning curve is a very real part of motherhood and I truly believe that the momma's who swear everything is perfect, all the time, are quite simply, liars. That being said, every moment that has its frustrations is matched by another moment, laced with love, that makes it all worthwhile.

So to you Momma's who have been doing it for ages, kudos to you. And for us Momma's that are just learning to walk this new walk, WE CAN DO IT. Motherhood has the most amazing reward; the immeasurable love of our children.