Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Second Pregnancy Syndrome

31.5 weeksAt 32 weeks, its hard to believe that I'm already into the 8th month of pregnancy and that our newest little family member will be joining us very, very soon. I've noticed some distinct differences  with this pregnancy that are perhaps obvious, but I still wish someone would have given me the heads-up.

Are you thinking of getting pregnant again?  Here's some food for thought on second pregnancy syndrome (as I'm calling it) based entirely on my own experience as a pregnant, working momma.
  • Exhausted is a way of life.
  • Good luck trying to nap, there's chores to do and meals to prep.
  • Weekend sleep-ins are negotiable at best.
  • The floor is a long way down and your toddler and his toys are constantly down there.
  • Your belly may now also function as a chair, pillow or other form of toddler furniture.
 On the other hand, there are some incredibly rewarding aspects to pregnancy with a toddler in tow.
  • Toddler belly kisses make it impossible not to smile.
  • The boy pulling up my shirt, tapping my belly and saying 'baby' makes my heart melt.
  • Reading 'big brother' books with the boy and watching him take it all in is an incredible source of pride. 
  • Imagining my children playing together, learning and supporting each other and ultimately looking out for one another in every step of their life journey is truly what makes it all worthwhile.
To use the words of my seven year old nephew, 'I think having two babies is going to be very challenging' at least for a while, but the truth is I'm giddy with excitement.  I know it will be an adjustment for us all but I also know its going to be worth every single trial and tribulation along the way.