Monday, February 7, 2011

whirl wind

When I was a little girl, I remember time passing so slowly.  Each day was so full and the time between birthdays and holidays seemed almost insurmountable.  Now, life feels more like a whirl wind and I have to be cautious not to let it pass me by without stopping to savour the moments. I'm learning that keeping my camera at the ready at all times is both enjoyable in the moment and in embracing the memories.
amber - 24 weeks
I took this photo about 3 weeks ago in an attempt to document both my growing belly and my new haircut, but was disappointed with all of the shots I took, but after a little fun using Pretty Presets freebies, this enjoyable little gem emerged.

cool dude in the parkwalking stick
And look at this independent little man; seriously are little boys ingrained to find walking sticks? The boy carried that stick around for almost our entire walk and he doesn't even know anyone that walks with a cane!
duck watching
I love capturing innocent father-son moments like this one, there's something so beautiful about catching my boys in the crisp, cool air absorbed by each other and the family of ducks swimming below them.
And of course, I love when the hubs manages to catch a photo of me and our exhausted little boy. It just makes my heart melt.