Friday, February 25, 2011

Ddrops Bliss Contest | YOUR votes are needed

When I started the Momma Stuff Blog, I barely knew what a blogging conference was.  In fact I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted, nay needed, the Momma Stuff Blog to be.  A year later, although I still don't have any concrete answers, I've learned so much.
  • I've learned about myself; finding my voice, finding my community and finding my style.
  • I've learned about interactions; being a friend, being a reader and engaging discussion.
  • I've learned about the web; custom domain's, Twitter and Facebook pages.
But there's still so much more to learn, I've barely skimmed the surface of these lessons, garnering what I can from tweets, blog posts and the amazing blogging community at large.

I want to attend Blissdom Canada and spend three days immersed in blogging culture; learning to develop the Momma Stuff Blog, effectively engage readers and increase traffic.  The amazing opportunity that Blissdom Canada provides to network, meet and learn from amazing Canadian Bloggers in person, is absolutley drool-worthy.  I crave knowledge and would absolutley love to attend Blissdom Canada, which is why I have entered the Ddrops Bliss Contest.

Ddrops is graciously giving away four tickets to Blissdom Canada 2011; entrants were asked to write about how Canadian Mom Bloggers Influence the Health of Canadians and the winners will be determined by readers like YOU.  My post was all about why Mom Blogging Matters.

It only takes a moment to vote, you simply need to go to the  
and leave a comment there, indicating your vote for the Momma Stuff Blog 
...or any of the other amazing and deserving entrants, if that's your preference.
voting is open until Friday March 11th, 11:59 pm E.S.T.
thank for your votes
I am up against some big Canadian Bloggers with followings far surpassing the Momma Stuff Blog, so every vote matters and every vote is appreciated.  Thank you all so much for reading, commenting and stopping by!