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Seductively Fabulous Hair : How to control your curls

As promised, here is the first installment of our new addition to the Momma Stuff Blog, 'Seductively Fabulous Hair'. Our first reader question comes from Amy, who has a question I'm sure many of you can relate to.
My name is Amy, and I'm 34 y.o. I have always had a pretty plain haircut, and am not really "risky" with my hair. My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and very, VERY thick! It is curly, but I tend to straighten it. I want to get a little soft curl in, to have my hair "flow" better. And I want to get some more shine to my hair. Any suggestions for either? And, I love hair flare. Any suggestions on where to shop or what is stylish?
Joliet, IL.
Hello Amy,
I’m going to break down my responses Into three categories as there is never only one factor to why hair behaves the way it does!
The Fabulous Cut
The first thing I want to say is that no haircut needs to be “risky” anything can seem achievable when you sit down with your stylist and tell them what you want and need. For someone who has very thick curly hair you need to be careful about how your hair is textured (some people may say “thinned” but this is not the correct word). If you would like your curly and unruly hair to appear softer without straightening, keep the length of your hair at least halfway to the shoulders; whatever you feel most comfortable with. The layering should start from halfway down the head, keeping it fairly heavy on top to help give off a “smoother” look. The rest of the cut should be layered flawlessly so that you can not see any steps, this is key to making the hair look smoother and more controllable. Make sure there is texture through the ends only, created with shears or texture shears, but never a razor.
The Power of Product
Products play an important role in controlling your hair and adding the desired shine and smoothness wanted. For your hair I would recommend something that can help control the frizz, as it will also bring out natural shine. I personally love the Moroccan oil products; for your hair the Moroccan oil treatment is a great product that is beneficial both initially and in the long run. Although its an oil, it will never be heavy or greasy and it gives great shine while adding proteins and moisture to the hair, which will provide long term benefits and add shine and health back into your hair.

If you get your hair colored, as most of us do, you can ask for something called a Demi-Permanent hair color; its full of conditioning treatment that adds luster and shine to the hair. That doesn’t mean that you have to change the color of your hair, most lines offer a “clear” option, which means no pigment (colour) is added. If you are a blonde, these products usually come in your “toner” which is used after a blonde chemical service to make sure that the color is on tone and nice and shiny!

Seductive Styling Techniques
A good haircut is only three quarters of the battle, curly hair as you know by now requires a good team of products and dedication. I myself, unlike Amber, have a strong wave and kink in the back of my head. The first step is to get something in the hair to help control it, as mentioned above, based on your question, I recommend Moroccan Oil Treatment.

Apply the product by working a quarter size into your hands (just like applying hand cream but only on the palm of your hand and not between the fingers) and then start at the ends of your hair and work your way up the shaft; this is the key when applying ANY hair products. After you have applied the product your best friend is your blowdryer.

Don't be intimidated, I know for many of us this is where you can get nasty curls. Brush the hair away from your face to pull the hair straight as you blowdry, this will smooth out those curls. For a soft curl look I suggest drying the top section of the head (as described) until dry and smooth. Then dry the bottom halfway by just using your fingers to shake it out while the air is on. Apply your favorite curl cream to control the frizz and hold the curl.
I’m not to sure what the weather is like in Illinois right now but over her in Vancouver BC things are shifting from snowy to rainy! For me everything is about accessorizing! You can take any simple t-shirt and jeans from plain to fun with a really awesome necklace or a great pair of earrings! Anything that is vintage looking is great! Great hair and great accessories is all a girl needs to look awesome!
Thanx for your question!

Courtney-1Courtney is a 20 something hair stylist working in Vancouver. She has 10 years of experience in the industry and is constantly surrounding herself with new information on techniques, style and fashion. A loyal Goldwell Colourist, Courtney loves working with color and finding new ways to push the boundaries and create something new and exciting. Courtney works with all types of challenging hair coming from the multicultural city of Vancouver.
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  1. Thanks, Courtney! I appreciate you answering my many questions. I will definitely give the oil a try. My hair is thick and coarse, and somewhat dry (but not unhealthy dry), so oil will probably be good for my hair.


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