Friday, January 21, 2011

5 Pregnancy Lessons I'm Re-learning

When you're pregnant there is a plethora of information available about what to expect as your pregnancy progresses.  Despite spending hours reading and talking with other momma's, there were still some aspects of pregnancy that surprised me when I was pregnant with the boy.  This time around, things feel a little bit 'old hat' so I haven't felt the need for so much research, I just skim my weekly babycentre emails and I'm trying to be comfortable with the inevitable changes that are happening.

That being said, there are still a few aspects of pregnancy, that I managed to forget, at least for a little while.  Now that I'm 23 weeks along, here are 5 Pregnancy Lessons I'm relearning.
  1. My belly rests in my lap when I pee
    With the boy, no one told me that at some point, I would actually feel the warmth of my belly against my thighs while I was peeing.  When it happened, it was so unexpected that it freaked me out.  Logically, it makes sense that this would happen, but I just didn't feel prepared.  When it happened this time, I had a moments of weirdness, but seriously, how could I have forgotten?
  2. Every body part that can change, will change
    Any book about pregnancy or person that's ever been pregnant (and even people who haven't) will tell you that your butt and boobs will get bigger, that your feet will swell and your body will never be the same.  But did you know your eyes can change too?  I don't wear my contacts often, but when I'm pregnant, they don't fit at all.  The shape of your eye can physically change and for me that means my contacts actually slide around on my eyes, making it pretty much impossible to function while wearing them.
  3. Don't congratulate yourself on a lack of stretchmarks, just yet
    They say that genetics are 90% responsible for pregnancy stretchmarks; my mom had 3 kids without a single stretchmark.  Given that information, when I was pregnant with the boy I was confident that with a diligent belly butter/bio oil regime I could avoid stretchmarks too.  I was wrong.  The first little speckles didn't appear until 34 weeks and although my stretchmarks stayed below the belly button, and they did eventually fade, I was not one of the lucky ones.  I must resist the urge to prematurely congratulate myself that I don't YET have any new stretchmarks, or I may find myself dissapointed in the near future.
  4. Stop wearing Non-Maternity tees
    I'm not sure why exactly, but I still have the urge to squeeze into my regular t-shirts; let me be clear, I however have no interest in sausaging into regular pants. The tees, I just seem to have an attachment to.  Even if they do fit, in mere moments they are stretched out for the belly and without that extra curve of fabric through the middle they just look sloppy.  Not to mention the fact that I won't be able to wear them again post-baby, since they'll be so stretched out.  Note to self, STOP wearing regular t-shirts, its not worth it. 
  5. Hot epsom salt baths are amazing
    On a more positive note, pregnancy is a wonderful excuse to have hot epsom salt baths nearly every night.  Except when I'm pregnant, I never use epsom salts, I'm not totally sure that they help all that much, but I can't resist dumping a ton into the bath and using it as an excuse to stay in the bath reading a book or magazine a little longer.  I mean, I wouldn't want to waste those epsom salts would I?


  1. A comment about stretch marks...

    Due to my change in size, I received 2 stretch marks from my daughter. One on each hip.

    Due to the PuPPP rash that pregnancy caused, I have stretch marks all around my belly button and heading south.

    Stretch marks are sneaky little devils... :(

  2. Oh yes, not so long ago I was going through all this myself. For the stretch marks I found the belly butter from Rocky Mountain Soap Company worked wonders the first time around but the second time around it was a lost cause and now I am but one big stretch mark, LOL!
    Enjoy the pregnancy for as long as you can my friend! :)

  3. Grabbed your Button and a GFC Follower now too..Love your Blog!


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