Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mama Zone Biodegradable Diapers | Review

As I’ve mentioned before, we use cloth diaper service around our house and only use disposables when we're traveling or on vacation. Even then, we tend to lug cloth diapers along for the evenings.  The boy sleeps close to 12 hours a night and he still tends to wake up with a soaker that disposables just can’t seem to handle.

When it comes to the disposables however, I am extremely picky about what I put next to the boys uber delicate little tushie.  When Mama Zone, a Canadian company, offered to send me some samples of their new, biodegradable diapers, I quickly realized I wanted to test them out. They are 100% chlorine, latex and fragrance free, the 'fluff' is composed 100% of sustainable resources and even the packaging is compostable.

Mama Zone sizing is generous and although the boys current weight means he generally can fit a size 3 or a size 4 diaper, he consistently requires a size 4 if we want to avoid blowouts. However the weight range on Mama Zone size 3 diapers is generous (7-18 KG / 15-39 Lbs) and they fit the boy great.  We had absolutley no problems with blowouts when we tested the size 3 Mama Zone diapers out.

Aesthetically, Mama Zone diapers are plain and simple; to me that's a good thing because it means they don’t spend extra money or resources on dyes and pretty prints.  There is a small pattern on the front panel of the waist band making it a snap to tell which side of the diaper is the front. This is a huge plus from the hubs point of view, he hates wasting his time trying to figure out which way a diaper should go and I’m inclined to agree.  Seriously, who has time to mess around with the front vs the back?  Diapering should be a quick and easy process, especially with a distracted, diaperless, toddler in tow.

I found Mama Zone diapers effective, generous in size and environmentally friendly and would deifnitley consider purchasing them for my vacations.  If you want to try Mama Zone diapers out for yourself, you can get a free sample diaper on the Mama Zone website or you can purchase a package for $19.99 CDN.   Finally, since we all love a good giveaway, you can win a free three month supply by simply entering your email address in the Mamazone diaper giveaway.

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  1. Girl, you impress me more and more with each post. Cloth diapers? Shamefully, I never even considered it.


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