Thursday, October 7, 2010

a New Look for the Momma Stuff Blog

For me, this blog has had a natural evolution.  Once I decided on a name, I just picked a blogger template and started reviewing products I loved and sharing tidbits of my life.  Slowly I began to make contact with various companies and PR reps and I found myself working with these amazing people for the purposes of product reviews and giveaways.  I found this transition very exciting (in fact I still do).

For a long time I toyed with the idea of a custom domain, after all you can buy it right through Google for only $10 a year.  I worried however, that once I bought the domain, things might get complicated.  If there was anything more to it than just a couple of straightforward clicks of the mouse, I worried I'd end up frustrated with my blog lost in cyberspace.  Fortunately, encouraged by my friend Jill at Glamamom, I took the plunge and it truly was an easy transition.  Google and Blogger took care of everything and within moments was mine and I no longer had 'blogspot' in my URL.

Of course once I had a custom domain, my plain old, same old template just didn't seem good enough anymore.  Fortunately a friend of my sisters does some designing on the side and although I gave her a huge jumbled mess of ideas, she came back with something that is beautiful, clean and captures the essence of the Momma Stuff Blog.

I hope you like the Momma Stuff Blog makeover, I know I do.


What do you think?