Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Memories 9: Grade 7 / Age 12

Where I live, grade 7 is your last year of elementary school, I had been a student at Lord Byng since Kindergarten and it felt like home.  At the end of the year, I was asked to give the Grade 7 farewell speech; I was honoured to be asked and put a lot of time and effort into the endeavour.

My entire family, including my gramma, came to see me speak (or so I thought), which was both exciting and nerve wracking.  Before the speeches, came the awards.  I wasn't expecting to receive any, so when they called my name for the June Chiba Humanitarian Award, I was in complete awe.  Our Principal Mrs. Chiba had passed away a few years prior and the award was intended to honour a student who displayed her loyalty, compassion and goodwill.

After receiving the award, I was on cloud nine.  I felt so proud to stand up before my friends and family, to share my thoughts on graduation. 
Next year the grade seven's will be moving on to Junior High.  Everything is going to change.  The grade six's will become grade seven's.  The grade seven's will move on the grade eight, and most of us will become the little kids in kindergarten again.  Just like our first day of school at Byng, we will be new.

If Junior High is kindergarten, then elementary school is preschool.  Once you arrive at kindergarten, your on your own again.  Most of your friends have moved on to kindergarten at other schools.

Going into kindergarten we were afraid of all those big people at the school.  But we survived, and made friends, and it will happen again.

But there is one difference, going into kindergarten you think about building blocks and dinosaurs, but going into Junior High you think about the future.

Thank you.
Pretty profound for a 12 year old if you ask me.

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  1. Now that is pretty profound for a 7th grader! This is the second post that I have seen about recording your youth - I love this concept! Wish I could remember more of mine!

  2. Melissa, thanks for stopping by. Definitely check out the Mommy's Piggy Tales project. I didn't really feel like I could remember all that much, but once I signed up, I found myself thinking about the post throughout the week and was amazed at what I remembered. I believe you can link up at any time in the last group and that Janna will be starting another full rotation soon!! Amber :)

  3. that is profound for a 7th grader - I taught them for many years!


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