Saturday, August 14, 2010

there's no place like Home

There's nothing like a little time away to remind you just how nice it is to be home.  After a week away we were all ready to return to life, as soon as I told the boy this morning he signed 'home' - totally adorable.

The trip started off busy, Saturday morning we had a 5 hour drive and a two o'clock wedding but we made good time and although the boy was cranky for a while, he slept for about an hour and a half so I can't really complain.  The wedding was beautiful; an intimate, casual, lakefront affair.  The boy and I watched from behind the action with our feet in the lake, fortunately it kept him happy, I could still watch the ceremony, and I knew the bride wouldn't mind.


We spent two more days in Lake Country and had the opportunity to spend the majority of our time with our newly married friends and family at the lake.  T is one of my closest friends; we met in prenatal class and her son is exactly a month younger than the boy.  I took great delight watching our boys, only bumps in our bellies when we met, playing on beach, splashing in the waves and mucking in the sand.

My sister-in-law and nephews spend their summers at their trailer in a riverside campground, en route to home, so we stopped in there and spent three full days relaxing and playing in the sun.

It was amazing to see the boy interacting with all the kids in the campground.  He was covered in dirt by 8am every day and was quick to spot the play guns and tote them all around the playground like the big boys, despite the fact that they were far too big for him.

The hubs had his birthday while we were at the river.  Fishing, family time and a BBQ dinner in the company of family - a lovely day amongst a truly great vacation, but Dorothy was right, 'there's no place like home'.

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  1. Cute pics and like that hat ;) Glad you had a nice trip!!


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