Monday, August 16, 2010

Earths Best Disposable Diaper Review & Giveaway Link

Before the boy was born, we went through the great diaper debate; cloth vs disposable.  Although cloth won out, we decided to use Happy Nappy Diaper Service to avoid washing diapers and of course the dreaded ‘poop in the washing machine’.  That being said, when we travel we use disposables.
Earth’s Best are the number one choice for disposable diapers at our house; we’ve tried a few other brands, but none have given me the peace of mind that Earth’s Best does.  Their diapers are unbleached, chlorine-free and free from latex, dyes and fragrance.  All of which equate to a product that is safe for the boys sensitive, eczema-prone tushy.  

Earths Best also utilizes wood pulp from renewable and sustainable forest practices, wheat and corn from renewable resources for added absorbency and uses proportionally more sustainable products than petroleum based products. 

This is a commendable feat, did you know that every 'regular' disposable diaper requires 1 cup of crude oil to manufacture the plastic?  Multiplied by an estimated 7,200 diaper changes in a child's lifetime*, the statistics are staggering.  The little choices in life sometimes have a huge impact.

Diaper fit is very subjective and will absolutely vary with the size and shape of your little one.  At our house we have found that when the boy fits two diaper sizes the larger does a better job controlling blow-outs.  With regard to absorbency, we have had no issues during the day; however in the evening, the boy tends to have leakages and need at least one diaper change through the night.

Earth's Best is a great disposable diaper and it is our choice when we need a diaper on the go.  Rather than chancing foreign diapers and potential chemicals the boy and I packed Earth's Best Diapers across Asia for 3 weeks.  

Every day I strive to maintain my commitment to nature and Earth's Best helps me do this when cloth diapers aren't an option.  With Earth's Best I'm confident that just as the name states, not only are these diapers best for the Earth (compared to traditional disposable), they are best for the boy.  I rate Earth's Best Diapers a 4.5/5.

Check out the Earths Best Website for more information and to:

* Statistics taken from an email-course by the New & Green Diaper Company

This post documents my own personal opinion of Earth's Best Disposable Diapers, without influence, however I was provided with a package for Earth's Best Diapers for the purposes of this review.


  1. I like Earth's Best a lot. They were at BlogHer and are very committed not only to their products, the environment, etc. but to online media/bloggers.

  2. If you're looking to help relieve your child of rashes, you might want to try chlorine free diapers. they have been proven to help cure and prevent rashes.

  3. Although I use Cloth diapers on the whole, whenever I use disposables, I always use natural, chlorine free options, such as Earth's best!
    amber :)


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