Monday, July 26, 2010

Funny Hunny Bunny Organics Toddler Tee Review

Daddy-O Tee in the garden
Before the boy was born my mother-in-law had never really shopped organic; she bought the boy beautiful bamboo sheets and couldn't help remarking how plain and boring all of the organic products in the store were.  I explained that the natural dyes used in sustainable clothing is often less vibrant than traditional dyes.  That doesn't mean however, that sustainable clothing is boring.

Funny Hunny Bunny Organics (FHB) proves just that point, with their fun alternatives to the 'same old' organic clothing.  The products are adorned with adorable, hand-painted/printed images that just make you say aww.  With one simple t-shirt your child can instantly be transformed into a doctor or a rockstar.  We chose to try out the Daddy-O tee, I can't resist a little man in a tie!

All FHB products are made from 100% certified organic cotton in sweatshop free conditions.  Each design is hand painted/screened using non-toxic paints, and those products that are coloured, use non-toxic dyes and/or food grade hydrogen peroxide.  All of these actions support the company's "main provide a healthy garment for children that's stylish, fun and has a positive impact on the environment. We hope that in doing so, it will peak people's interests in buying and learning more about organic cotton so that our environment can become a safer place to live & grow."  Personally, I love a company that takes the education and outreach component of green living to heart.

We tested out the Daddy-O tee and when it arrived all beautifully wrapped with tissue and a hemp bow, I almost didn't want to put it on the boy, knowing it would be covered in drool in mere minutes.  I found that the tee was generous in size, in particular I found it long.  The cotton is extremely soft, though quite thin.  The tie painted on the tee is bright and vibrant and shows no sign of wear after a couple cycle's through the washing machine.  And of course its environmentally friendly and absolutley adorable.  The boy wore his Daddy-O tee at my birthday bbq and was definitely the most handsome man in attendance.

Funny Hunny Bunny Daddy-O teeFHB was created by a woman looking for the perfect, environmentally-conscious gift for all her new momma friends; when she couldn't find it, Funny Hunny Bunny Organics was born.  They carry certified organic onsies, tees, hats and shoes.  At $30 for a single t-shirt, the price is on par with other sustainable clothing lines and when you consider that the products are all hand painted/screened the price isn't a total deal-breaker.  I'd definitley buy a FHB Tee as a gift, though I might have a slightly harder time splurging on the boy, but I'm cheap and that's just me.  The Funny Hunny Bunny Organics Daddy-O tee rates a 4/5!

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  1. I know - I had a hard time picking which one to test out!! amber :)


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