Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 11: Post Ideas

Although I haven't been 'keeping up' with my Problogger challenge, I am reading the challenge daily and thinking about what it means and perhaps spending a few moments working on it.  Today is about brainstorming posts so that we're always one step ahead of the "what should I write about" dilemma.

I have had a running list in my head for a while, but only just started truly brainstorming blog posts over the past month or so.  I've toyed with the idea of having regular topic posts on specific days; I love blogs that are that organized and that full of information.  I love routine and I strive to meet deadlines, even if they are self-imposed.

Unfortunately I think that goal might be a little lofty, since starting the Mommy's Piggy Tales eight weeks ago, I've found myself struggling (and late two weeks in a row) to meet those weekly deadlines.  Imagine if I gave  myself multiple deadlines each week?

Although I'm not totally ready for a weekly schedule, thanks to the Day 1 challenge, I now I have a clear picture of what I want to write about and have decided to categorize my posts to help to guide my brainstorms and develop my blog.

As time passes, I hope a trend will develop and my posts will fit into one of the following categories.
  • Product Reviews
  • Working Momma
  • Food & Intolerances
  • Green Living
Do you categorize your posts?  How do you ensure that you keep your posts aligned with your goals?


  1. I am also trying to do so. Makes it easier to focus but I also don't want to feel restricted...

  2. That's a good point; your right restricting ourselves to categories could also negate totally awesome posts that don't "fit" into the box. I guess we need to be sure to maintain our flexibility as well. amber :)

  3. I do categorize my posts, but have kept one of my categories completely vague, so regardless of what spills out, it CAN go somewhere. And in the event it shouldn't? It's not lost, as I still have a selection of labels posted on my sidebar that people could link specifically to. It's seeming to work so far, but I've only made the change about a month or so ago ;o) Good luck completing 31DBBB- I am so far behind it's ridonkulous!


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