Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1: Elevator Pitch

Ever since I read about the SITS Girls Problogger Pitch I've been sitting on the fence about participating. I want to ramp up my blog, make it better, find my niche and draw in readers, but like most Momma's, I don't particularly have a lot of time and this particular project requires DAILY effort for an entire month. Oh, and the icing on the cake? Participation costs $15 to buy an e-copy of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog; this is a good thing in that wasting money is a pet peeve, so it will act as inspiration to continue this endeavour, the bad news? Well isn't that obvious? I spent $15 on something that could be classified as frivolous, when in fact I'm supposed to be curbing my spending. My apologies to the hubs for the extra expenditure.

Today's task is to generate an elevator pitch, a short concise statement that encompasses all thing, Momma Stuff Blog. The goal is to consider not only what I want to blog about, but also what the readers are looking for. To try and find a way to express what I have to offer and draw readers in by meeting their needs, answering their questions and having a clear defined purpose for the blog. I decided to go with the suggestion to have both a short and a longer elevator pitch; I am happy with my original blog tagline, as I feel that it truly does express all of the topics I would like to address, but it doesn't exactly pull the reader into the mix, hopefully my new longer elevator pitch can meet that need.

Although I've known what I wanted to write about since I made the decision to start blogging in early 2010, this task still took some thought; defining the goals of the blog makes them real, but it also makes them achievable. Although I've had lots of product review posts (and these will continue), I'd like to start really developing the personal aspects of the blog and I have this task to thank for that. As a reader, you can expect more posts on food sensitivities and diet as well as my struggles with working full-time in the near future.

So my dear readers, what do you think of my elevator pitches?
Do they make you want to stop by again tomorrow?

Short Elevator Pitch:
Product reviews and a glimpse into the life of a full-time working, Earth-loving, gluten-free Momma.

Long Elevator Pitch:
The Momma Stuff Blog is an environmentally conscious blog that focuses on product reviews, aimed to help readers make educated purchases, while touching on the struggles and survival methods of raising a toddler while working full-time outside of the home. The Momma Stuff Blog also shares personal experiences with the management of food sensitivities and allergies including tips and recipes for the exclusion of gluten, dairy and soy.


  1. I like the long one and the short one though the long one grabs my attention more because it give me more info.

  2. I think you did a great job on both. You might need both depending which floor the elevator stops.


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