Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Memories 3: Age 6/Grade 1

I was a big sister to two by the time I was six; my brother was 4 and my little sister was just a year old.  Before my sister was born, my brother and I fought like cats and dogs about whose room the baby was going to sleep in.  We both wanted her.  Of course the obvious solution was that a boy would sleep in my brothers room and a girl would sleep in mine.

As a child, I had no idea what I was in for, I started sleeping in the spare bedroom within a few months of sharing a room with her.  The spare room was the only downstairs bedroom and thinking of it now, surprisingly, I don't remember being worried about that at all.  My point being, I was independent.

I styled my own hair, while the other girls flaunted perfectly parted braids or sleek ponytails, I had my own unique hairstyle.  I would gather my bangs up into a ponytail on the top of my head; my hair is thick and coarse so it stood straight up and I loved it.  I would be so proud to tell the other girls that "I did my own hair".  I remember my Mom begging me on picture day to just wear my hair down - I thought that it was a ridiculous idea, "I wear my hair like this everyday, why would I wear it different for pictures?"

I dressed myself each morning, picking my own clothes and unless it was inappropriate for the weather, my Mom let me wear whatever I wanted.  Apparently I had quite gaudy tastes, lots of bright colours all at the same time; my Mom's motto, "if she doesn't care, why should I?"  There is one particular outfit I remember that I loved.  Tights and a matching sweater all in a purple acrylic knit, I wore it day after day after day.

But then again when I was on mat leave, I sometimes wore the same pants day after day too...

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  1. Thats so great that you had your own style from so early on! I think I was one of the typical conformists of 1st grade, though it didn't do any good, I still wasn't 'popular', but I wish in that case I could've had the more carefree approach at style you had mastered!
    Thanks for sharing your fun story!

  2. You sound a little like my daughter - she was head strong early on about what she wore. I learned to just let her do it. My youngest has worn a black shirt every Thursday for the last two years... *sigh* I never had the nerve to feel that comfortable with myself... Maybe I should take lessons!

  3. LOL, where are the pictures? I think it is great that your Mom let you make your own decisions about your hair and clothes.

  4. I thought the photos were at my parents, but it turns out they are in storage! I'm going to try and get them soon though!

    Crystal - I was so far from popular but too oblivious to know or care :D

  5. I used to wear side ponytails a lot.

    So great that you live life with such gusto!


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