Friday, May 14, 2010

The Safe Sippy 2 by Kid Basix

I reviewed the Safe Sippy by Kid Basix, back at the beginning of March and at that time I noticed that the Kid Basix website listed the Safe Sippy 2 as a product, though I had never seen it in stores before.

Safe Sippy

It turns out the Safe Sippy 2 (SS2) is slated for release in Canada late this summer and will be available at Zellers and Toys R Us/Babies R Us.  They are also available online at a few select retailers AND the Kid Basix website.  If you're interested in getting your own Safe Sippy or SS2, Kid Basix has been kind enough to provide me with a SS2 to review and a coupon code for 25% off your online purchase (coupon code is at the end of the post).

Since I have already reviewed the Safe Sippy and all of the basic features, this review will focus on those features that are unique to the SS2.  The Safe Sippy 2 is designed to save YOU money since it works like a traditional sippy cup or it can be used with a straw and when your child is ready, the handles are removable.  The idea is that when your big kid wants a big kid cup, you already have one at your fingertips.  If you already have a Safe Sippy, you can buy the Replacement Parts Pack for $3.99, which will outfit you with all the features of the SS2 while continuing to use your original bottle.
The SS2 (and replacement parts pack) has three new features; the Dust Cap, the Travel Plug and the Straw and Straw Adapter.  To be honest, I was surprised the original Safe Sippy didn't have a dust cap; most sippy cups have some sort of cap to ensure that diaper bag "gunk" doesn't make its way onto the spout.  The SS2 dust cap is very standard, though it does have notches in the side to aid in removal from the bottle.  I did find that if the spout was leaky (usually a result of a loose gasket or traveling with the straw spout installed) then the dust cap was leaky.  It really has no capability to contain spills, its simply intended to keep the mess off the spout.

The travel plug is great; although the traditional valve barely leaks, sometimes you just want to chuck the water bottle in a bag and not have to worry about leakage at all.  In those moments, the travel plug functions perfectly.  No water spilled all over dry clothes and diapers, the water stays where it's supposed to be, in the bottle.  My qualm with the travel plug?  It's small.  I'm pretty positive that I'm going to lose it; I haven't yet, but I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I'm going to leave it on a restaurant table or it will fall out of a pocket, never to be found again.  Additionally, using the travel plug means that you need to have the traditional valve (or the straw adapter) in the diaper bag, which also has the potential to be lost.

I was worried the boy might get confused by the straw and straw adapter, since he was used to using the Safe Sippy as a traditional sippy cup.  I need not have worried, he seems to have no trouble going back and forth between the two.  I haven't had any problems with the straw separating from the adapter and the boy seems to enjoy the ease of the straw option.  I will warn you however, if you are lazy like me, and you try to take your SS2 out with the straw attached, it WILL leak.  As a solution, I did find that you could leave the straw in the bottle and replace the straw adapter with the travel plug so that you don't have to tote the straw around in the diaper bag - you do of course have to bring the straw adapter with you.

I think that one of those "pacifier bags" that strap onto the diaper bag would potentially solve the problem of containing all the small pieces to ensure they don't get lost.  The boy never took to a pacifier, so I don't have one, but I suspect it would be perfect and would minimize any worries about lost parts, which is my main concern with the SS2.  If you try this out, let me know how it works.

Overall, I think the SS2 brings forth great features and functionality and if the replacement parts pack is purchased, it gives parents the option of continuing to use an item they already have (re-use is one of the three R's after all).  Despite the leaking I experienced (when I didn't use the travel plug as intended) and my concerns about lost parts, the Safe Sippy 2 is an innovative and useful product that you can feel good about using.  I rate it a 4.5/5!
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