Monday, May 24, 2010

POM Wonderful Review & Giveaway

Aside from my daily caffeine fix, the majority of my fluid intake consists of water.  Before the boy, I was adamant that cold water and hot water were both acceptable for drinking, however room temperature water has always left a funny taste in my mouth.  Amazing how having a baby can change even the simplest things.  Nowadays, water is water and I drink it regardless of the temperature.

I don't mean to imply I ONLY drink water; I try and limit my coffee to only one caffeinated cup a day and occasionally enjoy a glass of ginger ale or juice.  When it comes to juice, I will admit to being a bit of a snob.  I love apple juice, particularly the fresh pressed type, but can't stand apple cocktail or really any juice that is more sugar than fruit.
When POM Wonderful offered to send me samples of their 100% Pomegranate Juice to review, I was more than willing to give it a try; Pomegranates were always one of my favourite fruits to eat.  A special treat, something you only had on occasion and when you did you had to work for those juicy pockets of fruit.

POM Wonderful is the only brand of Pomegranate juice guaranteed to contain 100% authentic pomegranates with no added sugar, preservatives, colours or fillers.  It is also the "only juice guaranteed to be made exclusively from the wonderful pomegranates...known for its unique combination of superior antioxidants, delicious taste and deep crimson color."
POM Wonderful
So, how does it taste?  I had the chance to try the 100% POM Wonderful, the POM Blueberry and the POM Mango.  As one would expect, the POM Mango was definitely the sweetest of the three.  The Mango flavour is mild, almost indetectable, except for the sweet smoothness that it brings to the juice.  I gave the boy some watered down POM Mango and he liked it as much as any juice, that is to say he drank about an ounce while it was new and exciting and then refused to drink anymore, instead opting for water.

I live in Blueberry heaven, the soils here are boggy and they grow great blueberries.  Probably the hubs and the boys' favourite fruit, blueberries are a close second to raspberries for me.  POM Blueberry is a great pairing of flavours, the sweetness of the blueberry balances the tartness of the pomegranate, while adding a depth of flavour similar to cranberry.  I think this would phenomenal in a Gluten-Free blueberry crumble, mmm.  POM Blueberry is definitley my first choice of the three POM Wonderful juices I sampled.

Overall, I enjoy things that are naturally flavoured, and I like things that are a little bit tart.  I love cranberry juice, grapefruit juice and the crisp bite of a granny smith apple.  But to be honest, I found the 100% POM Wonderful to be a little bit tart for my liking.  It does however, fully capture the taste of a Pomegranate.  I think I'm just used to tiny little pomegranate flavour explosions.  100% POM Wonderful was still enjoyable, but given the plethora of POM Wonderful flavours available, I doubt that I would buy the 100% POM.

At close to $5 for 473ml, the price feels a little steep, but the price is comprable to a smoothie drink such as Happy Planet (mmm so good) and I found that I only wanted to drink about 2ounces at a time, so the bottle has lasted quite a long time.  A tasty, healthy juice in a variety of flavours, I would definitley buy POM Wonderful as a treat on occasion.

Want to try some out for yourself?  Let me know what flavour you'd like to try and you could win a coupon for a free bottle of POM Wonderful.

Enter To Win:
One Coupon for a 473ml bottle of
POM Wonderful
in the flavour of your choice 

Just visit the POM Wonderful website,
take a look around and tell us what flavour you would like to try!

Giveaway closes Sunday May 30 at 8pm.  Winner will be determined by a random number generator. Winner will be notified via email and the winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new name will be drawn and contacted.  Please ensure you leave your email if it is not accessible in your profile or I won't be able to notify you if you win!

Contest is now closed.
Congrats to Julie the Winner of this Giveaway!


  1. I would like to try the Mango-

  2. POM Blueberry is the one I've been wanting to try, followed closely by POM Cherry. I really enjoy their teas and usually grab one to sip while I roam Whole Foods. They're just too pricey to keep in the house all the time, but it makes the shopping trip feel even more special!

  3. I would like the Blueberry. It looks awesome

  4. I would love to try the nectarine!

  5. I would like to try the POM Mango or the POM Nectarine.

  6. Pom Blueberry sounds great! (Can US residents enter this giveaway?)

    at gmail dot

  7. Am I really boring that I just want the 100% Pomegrante! I know it would be amazing in smoothies

  8. I'd realy like to try the 100% Pomegranite...but the iced coffee ones look tasty too!


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