Monday, April 12, 2010

Stonz Booties - Review & Coupon

With Spring just around the corner, you only have to glance in a store window, or browse your favourite online shops to see that retailers are bringing out the cute little sandals, shorts and tee-shirts, convincing us that hot, lazy days will be upon us shortly.  I live in Vancouver, BC and although the sun shone for the Olympics, we get a lot of rain here.  Seriously, a lot of rain.  I personally don't plan on picking up sandals for the boy anytime soon.

What I did pick up recently [ok I admit it, I ordered them online] is a pair of Stonz Booties for the boy. Stonz Wear is a local company, created by mothers, for mothers.  Stonz Booties are water and wind resistant, fleece lined with a skid resistant sole and machine washable.  My son doesn't walk on his own yet, so what that really means is that when I'm helping him walk across the backyard, or park I know that his little feet are warm and dry and its pretty unlikely that he's going to lose his footing.
What's particularly great about Stonz Booties is the wide circumference of the bootie; it doesn't narrow down much at the ankle.  I admit that I initially thought this feature made the booties ugly, but practicality quickly took over when I realized just how much easier the wide opening made it to slip my son's flailing foot into the bootie.  The two toggle system (one around the ankle, one at the top of the bootie) allows Momma (or Daddy or Gramma or Aunty...) to quickly tighten and secure the booties while ensuring a nice snug fit for your little one.  These boots are staying put!

As booties, they of course come midway up the calf and combined with the snug fit of the toggles, Stonz booties keep my son's legs protected from the elements even when he is crawling like crazy, exploring grass, rocks and everything that is nature. They also keep his legs covered while in the baby carrier, and they are much quicker to put on than babylegs - my old solution to bare legs in the carrier.

Stonz Booties come in sizes small through extra-large and are designed to fit little ones from newborn through three years.  The extra-large size is a fairly new addition to the line and not all sizes are available in the larger sizes.  That being said, Stonz bootie sizing is generous; I have a size large intended for children aged one to two and a half and at this point they fit great with shoes on.  That's right, I just slip his feet, shoes and all, into the booties when its time to go outside.  I have had absolutley no problems fitting the shoes into the booties, or having his feet slip around inside the booties.  By buying the larger size and wearing them with shoes now, and without later, I figure I am maximizing the boy's wear and spreading my dollar a little farther. 

At a price of $46.95 CDN a pair, it seems worthwhile to purchase Stonz Booties early and ensure your little one wears them lots.  They are well constructed, sturdy and absolutley worth the price.  I am very happy with my sons' Stonz booties, he wears them in the backyard, in the park or even in the stroller on particularly wet and windy days.  Truly, I have no complaints about Stonz Booties and give them a 5/5!

Coupon Code:
Since the people at Stonz Wear are totally awesome, they are offering readers of The Momma Stuff Blog an opportunity to save 10% on their purchase if they order between now and April 19.  Keep in mind this discount applies to your entire order, so be sure to check out the Linerz, Hatz and Mittz as well as the Booties!  To get your discount, type in promo code mommastuff when you checkout!

Special thanks to Stonz for providing The Momma Stuff Blog with our very first promo code!


  1. Thanks! Found this in a search engine. I'm eager to try them myself now for my little boy who has incredibly fat feet.

  2. I am a big fan of Canadian manufacturers, but when they move their produtions to China, they don't get my vote anymore, last January I went in Stonz factory and learned they have moved productions to China, I also saw Kamik is making the same booties for $25, and Walmart makes a similar booties for $10.


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