Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Part 2: Happy Nappy Cloth Diaper Service

This is part 2 of my post on cloth diaper service, if you just got here, make sure you check out Part 1: Why Diaper Service?

The value of Diaper Service:
When we started seriously looking at diaper service, my husbands first concern was the price, but Happy Nappy's price of $25.90 per week, really wasn't that much more expensive that disposables.  Plus there was the convenience, no picking up diapers all the time, running out of diapers, running out to the garbage can stinky diaper in hand and no extra incidental shopping.  Just dump the dirty diaper into the diaper pail (in the bag)  and once a week you hual the entire weeks diapers (dirties & remaining cleans) out to your front door in the morning and bring the new ones in when you get home. 

The Environmental Costs:
I was more concerned about the environmental aspects of the company, I'd heard stories of harsh laundering processes with delivery service, but Happy Nappy is certified phosphate and surfactant free and doesn't use chlorine in their was processes. In fact they're website states:
Compared to typical laundry services that use two to three chemicals to get their white products bleached clean, we use a blend of over 8 environmentally friendly detergent  and 4 separate washes. Our advanced washing equipment, dryers and computers  perform a better job using less energy and water. In short, our process is overall better for your baby and our earth.
Happy Nappy has also started a petition to the Canadian Government requesting a tax break for cloth diapering parents.  How great is that?!
Happy Nappy Diapers

The Diapers:
The diapers are fleece lined, contoured diapers, with multiple snaps to ensure the best fit for your baby.  When our pre-pack arrived the hubs and I both fawned over how cute and soft the diapers were.  With simple snaps and a velcro cover as a trade-off for fleece, my husband frequently said "who wouldn't want fleece next to their bum?"

The diapers are bright yellow in colour on the outside; a great benefit as it allows you to easily see if the diaper is peeking out of the cover. Trust me, you want to know if that's the case, an exposed diaper is a leaky diaper.  Extra night liners (that you throw in the bag with the diapers each week) are also available free of charge, you just have to ask for them.

Using the Diapers:
Our boy is almost 13 months now and we've used Happy Nappy since the day my boy arrived home. 
There is a bit of a learning curve; the multiple snap system and the diaper cover seem intimidating, but they truly just take a couple uses and you'll have it down pat.  Those first few tries can be frustrating though, both my Dad and daycare provider managed to put the diaper on inside out That being said, shortly after the boy arrived, my husband (and my Mom) made statements to the effect that these really were just as easy as using disposables. Yep, it only took a few weeks to get my skeptic husband on board.  

We've never really had a problem with blow-outs up the boys back (the hubs had heard horror stories about that), though we did have a little bit of trouble with urine leaks but it turned out my boy needed to move up a size in diapers and once we did that, problem solved.   
The Diaper Covers:
Happy Nappy can rent or sell you diaper covers and they too will arrive on your doorstep with your delivery.   Happy Nappy uses Mother Ease diaper covers and we love them.  They keep the mess in, they wash up great in the washing machine and they're super adjustable.  They come in both snaps and velcro; the snaps don't catch your clothes in the laundry and they have a more consistent fit, but they just didn't seem to fit my boy right, my good friend however, swore by them.  The velcro ones are quick and my husband can (and will) do them, so they are the definite winner in our house.  

If your starting out new, I recommend renting before buying and figuring out what works for your family.  Keep in mind, its not worth buying the small sized covers as your little one probably won't wear them for long. At the Langley location, covers are $12.75 for purchase or $1.05/week.

Delivery Service in YOUR area:   
I know diaper service probably isn't an option if you live in a remote area, but its worth a Google search isn't it?  Make sure you ask about the laundering process and make an informed decision.  Hopefully you'll find a diaper service on par with Happy Nappy, it's a great option if you are interested in the benefits of cloth diapers, but aren't sure if you're up to all the extra work.  (Plus it might make it a little easier to get yoiur partner on board (if he's anything like my hubs).
Happy Nappy Langley:
As a franchise, Happy Nappy is a family run business; Julie, Nichole and Rick are always helpful and prompt to return phone calls and emails and they truly have a personal touch.  In celebration of Earth Day, the Langley office of Happy Nappy is offering 20% off of your pre-pack for all new clients during the month of April, here's what it includes:
The Pre-Pack deal only applies if you are signing up for your service before your baby arrive.  $59.99 + tax gets you:
  • administration sign up fee
  • Starter diapers delivered to you ONE week before your due date.
  • 14 gallon pail with non-toxic charcoal filter and locking lid.
    Happy Diapering and Happy Earth Day Mommas!
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    1. everyone should sign the petition!! i just did!

    2. That sounds so cool, I wish I would have known about cloth diapers when DJ was born!

    3. Diaper Service is a great option - you don't have to put out so much money out front and you can quit no poopy diapers in your laundry. I'm really glad its worked out for us.

    4. I'm totally in love with the environmental and health factor of cloth diaper service, but I'm wondering - do their diaper pail REALLY keeps the smell "locked in" for an entire week?

    5. I think the service is good but not the price. $63 for 15 days (with 15% discount). ouch! They dont tell you that upfront. Website says $23.87 per week. That's being dishonest. If one is willing to join, please read the fine print. By the time the first invoice came, i had already spent somewhere around $56 as "start up" fees apart from the regular 15 day bill.
      They burry in hidden costs. They need a 2 weeks notice if you want to quit. Several people i now who are using the service are planning to quit. Just cause they feel cheated. False advertising.


    What do you think?