Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Natural Nipple Butter

Since the boy was our first, we enrolled in prenatal classes at our local hospital; I met my closest mommy friend there and we learned a lot about what to expect during labour.  As it was a course run by a local college, it stuck entirely to the medical facts.

We didn't particularly discuss natural coping methods and when I asked about water birthing, it was fully dismissed save a comment that a midwife might partake, but a doctor or OB would not.  That being said, it was still worthwhile.  My hesitant to attend hubs, actually confessed that it gave him a good idea what to expect during labour and he wouldn't have wanted to go into the boys birth without having attended the class.  That's right future Momma's; my husband admitted the class was worthwhile, if fact I heard him recommend it to another future dad.

But I digress, I remember one particular conversation during class.  The instructor was explained that a lanolin based lotion such as Lansinoh could be useful during the early weeks of breastfeeding to help soothe and heal cracked nipples.  I proceeded to ask about lanolin allergies and the instructor assured me that it was highly refined and non-allergenic, so I need not worry about my little one.  I explained that I was the one who was allregic, that lanolin make my skin crawl and usually resulted in a lot scratching and bleeding.  There was no way I wanted to chance lanolin on my nipples, particularly if they were already cracked and tender.

Natural Nipple ButterI did a lot of research and let me tell you its near impossible to find a nipple cream that doesn't contain lanolin in some form.  I was ecstatic to discover Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Natural Nipple Butter; organic, vegan and lanolin-free, what's not to like?  It's made with olive oil, calendula, cocoa butter, shea butter, candelilia wax and mango butter so its totally safe for your little one and your sensitive breasts.

I used Earth Mama Nipple Butter primarily in the first few months of breastfeeding, in particular during the first few weeks.  My nipples were sore and cracked, but they didn't really bleed.  Earth Mama Nipple butter was instantly soothing and I found myself running upstairs throughout those early days to apply just a little bit more.  Although its quite a rich formula, I didn't find it over-greasy and it consistently left my nipples feeling moisturized, but not so much that I was concerned about letting the boy latch on.

It's worth noting that Earth Mama Nipple Butter may appear a lumpy when you first open the jar, it contains a number of different fats which creates this odd consistency.  No need to worry about the texture however, the butter melts luxuriously almost instantly.  In terms of value for your money,I paid close to $20 cdn for my 2 oz jar, but a little bit goes a long way so its definitley worth the price.  After a year of breastfeeding, I still have close to half the jar left.

I was very happy with my purchase of Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter, in fact I gave a jar as a part of shower gift to an expecting friend of mine, a great product, I rate it a 4/5!

Happy Earth Day everyone, take your little steps, and find your own way!


  1. I love, love, love, their Diaper Rash cream. It's soooo sweet and soft on Sully's little bee-hind. Highly reccommend!

  2. Ooh I'll have to try that - I usually use Dimpleskins diaper rash cream, or sudocrem if its REALLY out of hand!! Thanks for stopping by!
    Amber :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion here! I don't have a baby yet, but my husband and I have been trying for close to 2 years, so as soon as it does happen (because it totally will, I'm keeping positive here lol) I will keep this product in mind. Sounds soothing!

    Thank you for visiting me on my SITS Day :).

    My name is Amber too!

  4. Good luck Amber - I'm sure your time will come! Thanks for stopping by! amber :)


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