Saturday, April 17, 2010

baby hugs

From the moment we started trying to conceive, there have been so many amazing moments. Our positive home pregnancy test, our first visit with the midwife, making it through the first trimester, the first time we heard the boys heartbeat, our ultrasound; and that's only in the first half of our pregnancy.

Once the boy arrived, we were bombarded with new excitement, it truly is amazing how much they learn in their first year. When he arrived he truly was an eating, sleeping, pooping, lump of baby. I loved him immediately, we all did, but he really was just a lump of baby. The first time he smiled at me, I thought my heart was going to melt. The first time he laughed, I felt his joy coursing through my veins. And the first time he kissed me back, nothing else mattered.

But last week, when the boy wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me close to smother me in gooby kisses, it was like I was engulfed by him. It was the first time, I knew without a doubt that he was giving me his love and sharing himself with me, by choice. He was giving me the affection that I give him and it was beautiful. I almost cried.

I think I'm addicted to those baby hugs now; I try to encourage them even, but I know that's not fair.  My favourite part is that he gives them of his own volition and I don't want to take that choice from him.  Thankfully the boy doles those hugs and kisses out to me pretty frequently - for now at least. I feel bad that Dad doesn't get the same treatment, but in time I'm certain he will, and in all truth, I'm too busy relishing in my own glory to let his experience take away from mine. I hope that doesn't make me a bad wife.

I know that there will be so many more times that he will express his love, in so many different way.  I know that one day, he'll use words to tell me how he feels, but this very first independent expression of his love, will be with me forever.  I hope that I never forget the magic that I felt in his arms, when he was gave me his first hug and smothered me in gooby kisses.

-------------------------------I'm curious----------------------------
How does your little one express his/her affection?
Does he/she express his love the same with both parents?

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