Friday, April 9, 2010

Agoo Apparel - stay out and play

Although jeans, cords and button-up shirts look absolutely adorable on little boys, they really aren't the easiest to get on and off during diaper changes, and I can't imagine they are quite as comfortable to wear as a pair of sweatpants.  Sometimes, we all want to wear something comfortable and easy, and if it looks good, all the better.  Truly, this is the exact reason that Lululemon pants are so popular these days.  In my mind, Agoo Apparel fills this niche for infants, toddlers and children alike.

I made my first purchase from Agoo before Cole and I went on our trip to Asia, and with features like a UPF +50 rating, wick away fabric and 4-way stretch they seemed like a perfect fit for our 3 week adventure.  I took two pairs of Playful Pants on our trip and I don't think I will ever travel without them.  They washed and dried easily in hotel bathrooms and kept my little guy cool and protected from the sun in Thailand but also worked great as long underwear under fleecy pants when we were traveling in the colder areas of China.

Cole seems so comfortable in his stretchy playful pants, he can move around and crawl without any difficulty.  Although he now wears 18 and 24 month pants now, he still fits his 12 month playful pants and I can still whip them on and off lickety split to do a diaper change.   Although they are stain resistant and do wash up super easily, I have noticed that any food spillage that lands on the pants, will show on the fabric until they are laundered again.

Speaking of laundry, watch out for velcro when these pants are in the wash, it sticks like crazy.  There really is no need to put these pants in the dryer; they have usually air dried by the time the rest of the laundry is done.  That being said, I have accidently left them in the dryer a few times and for the most part they seem to be holding up fine.  The uber cute silk screening seems to be the exception.  I found that the cute little grasshopper and Agoo branding both seemed to start peeling off the pants within the first month or so of wear.  It's not the end of the world and it likely has to do with those few trips the pants have made into the dryer.

Although Agoo is available in stores, I purchased my products online and found the checkout process quite simple and straightforward.  As I made my purchases during a great end of season sale (read 60% off!), a few of the items I ordered were out of stock and I received great customer service, including a phone call from the VP to discuss substitutions and a follow-up call to ensure I was happy with the products I had received.  On my second order [my Mom actually made the second order for Cole's birthday after I told her what I wanted to buy], we were once again sale shopping and needed some substitutions for our choices, and everything still went off without a hitch.

Speaking of second orders, most of what we ordered doesn't fit him yet, but I absolutely love the Agoo Twozie - how has no one come up with this before now?  A onsie that looks like a shirt; it keeps his belly warm and covered without looking like he's wearing baby clothes.  The twozie only goes up to size 18-24, but don't let that stop you, the fit is generous.  Cole just fits most of his 18-24 month onsies, but the Agoo twozie fits comfortably, both with regard to length and width. I think my next purchase will be an Agoo Puddle Jacket - they just look amazing!

Overall, I have had a great experience with Agoo Apparel.  The clothes are well constructed, high quality and easy to wash.  I find the prices are a little bit more than I like to spend (are you noticing a trend here?) though not particularly expensive, and in truth the product quality is well worth the price, plus they offer free shipping on orders over $50.  If you get on their mailing list you will get first hand notifications of their amazing sales (I've learned its worth it to shop early or you risk substitutions) as well as a chance to win a $100 shopping spree.  I give Agoo Apparel a 4/5!


  1. I don't have any kids that little anymore, but thanks for sharing. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

  2. Hi Jayde, thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I'm not sure how old your kids are, but FYI Agoo carries clothes up to size 8-9.
    Amber :)

  3. Children's clothing (especially boys) keeps getting cuter and cuter! However, my boys were in Medium Gap the other day and they were miffed that there was triple the girls clothes compared to the boys clothes!

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