Sunday, February 14, 2010

WYSI Wipes

I recently took my son, who was eight months at the time, on an international trip to China, Hong Kong and Thailand. For someone who does their best to be eco-conscious in their purchases and actions, traveling with an infant can pose some challenges at best.

At home we use cloth diaper service, and I wash small cloths instead of using disposable wipes all the time. We sometimes use the disposable wipes, but no one can do everything all the time. I struggled a little bit with face wipes. Its just a fact of life that after a baby eats he or she, needs their face wiped.

Although my wipes of choice are natural and and alcohol-free, I still felt some hesitation about wiping my sons face with them. He has very sensitive skin and is prone to rash and eczema so the thought of using wipes on his face multiple times a day, didn't seem like the best idea.

Enter Wysi Wipes these small, light, compressed wipes expand with just a small amount of water, are soft, natural and biodegradable. They fit perfectly in the cap of a water bottle to be moistened, and store in a film canister or old medication bottle to take with you on the go. When warm water is on hand, my son liked it better when I wiped his face, but hey travellers can't be choosy right?

When visiting our family rural village, we also used Wysi Wipes as a washcloth in the baby's bath. The wipe does start to soften and rip from continual use, they really are only single-use items, but they did the trick.

At about $0.12 a wipe (if you buy the 100 pack) these are great for in your purse, diaper bag, car or backpack. I still have extras after three weeks of travelling with the baby and not only do I keep some in my bag, I pass a few on to Momma's I know all the time.

You can also use the wipes with a little bit of natural cleaner for a natural cleaning cloth or really whatever else you can think of. I only use them for wiping my baby's face, but there truly are a ton of potential uses.

WYSI WIPES are a great product, they are compact, functional and for something that is disposable, they are biodegradable and free of chemicals (a plus in my books). I give WYSI WIPES a 5/5 a great product to have in your bag for emergencies, meals out or travelling.

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