Tuesday, February 16, 2010

True Cuddles - A Truly Good Deal. Until It's Gone.

True Cuddles
I admit it, I think I may be a little bit addicted to Daily Deal baby shopping sites. These sites offer super cute items, that I didn't know I needed, for a vastly discounted price. To add insult to injury, these deals disappear quickly, so you have to make a decision and make your purchases quickly.True Cuddles was the first daily deal website that I discovered, and I have made quite a few great purchases, including Pacimals, Mimitens & Teething Bling to name a few.

True Cuddles is a Canadian website (a plus for a canuck such as myself), based out of Calgary, Alberta however they do ship to the US.

Each Monday at 9am MST a new "cuddle" goes up for grabs and True Cuddles offers email notifications (which arrive consistently on time) to ensure you never miss a cuddle. Their website also features a weekly Mompreneur and offers a weekly giveaway to their readers.

Since True Cuddles was the first deal website I came across, waiting a week for a new sale seemed totally reasonable and beneficial for my wallet. I often wish that "cuddles" came more often, but I can only imagine how much effort goes into running a website of this nature.

True Cuddles provides quality products at a great price, shipping is reasonable and prompt (in accordance with their website FAQ's) and their website provides exposure for Mompreuners and prizes for readers, all in all a great website.

As the Momma of a young boy, I have noticed over the past few months there seems to be a lot of hairclips and girlie items that don't apply to me. This may however just be my own bias, and I know there are many more girl products out there than boy products, so I can't really count this as a complaint.

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